I started in the Media industry 17 years ago in the music department of ITV Yorkshire. After recognising a passion for the creative side of putting music to picture, I moved on to become a music consultant for EMI. Initially it was a mostly Regional based role, providing media clients across the UK with both production music and commercial music. I gradually worked my way to leading the UK sales team for Sony ATV, and recently became the V.P of Creative and Co-head of the UK sync team. This entails managing a team who license, pitch, and seek sync opportunities for our roster, both catalogue and new.

I work closely with our artists and A&R to build and maintain relationships so that I can pitch creatively and effectively for TV, Advertising and Film, and work with supervisors, directors, and music departments to create opportunities for our SATV artists and writers. Alongside this I currently work with a plethora of artists and composers to produce 50 albums a year for the EMI in-house Juice label.